The island of Chalki, is located very close to Rhodes in Dodecanese group of islands.
The only village of the island is Nimporio, where there is also the port of the island located.
Chalki island is an ideal destination for peaceful vacations because it is not such a popular tourist destination. The island distinguishes for its traditional architecture and the relaxing beaches. There are a few organized beaches in Chalki island and can be accessed on foot or by bus. The rest are totally secluded.
In the center of the island there is also a Medieval Castle with an old and abandoned village which wan named “Chorio”. “Chorio” was abandoned when piracy was confronted in the Aegean Sea and people started to move around the port.


During the summer period there are daily itineraries from Rhodes port located in “Kameiros Skala” to/from to Chalki island.
Twice per week there is also an itinerary from Rhodes main port “Acantia” to to Chalki island.
During winter period the itineraries are reduced.

Useful phone numbers:

  • Municipality of Chalki: 0030 22460 45207
  • Coast guard: 0030 22460 45220
  • Police station: 0030 22460 45213
  • Infirmary: 0030 22460 45206